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Make a Wargame in 3 days with people from around the world!

CONSIM Game Jam is a 72 hours event where participants from any background – players, history buffs, designers, artists, students, etc. – try to make a wargame from scratch. Depending on the theme & rules of each edition, participants may work independently or in teams. The event will be held online, from Friday to Sunday. If you want to experiment with historical board game design, spend a weekend designing a wargame with people from around the world, the CONSIM Game Jam is for you!


Each edition of the CONSIM Game Jam is running over 72 hours, from Friday to Sunday. (picture credit:


Meet wargame enthusiasts from around the world and established wargame designers.


Each edition has a specific theme. Register today to know about the next CONSIM Game Jam before anyone else!


Theme: TBA

Date: August 2022 (TBC)